License Types

Information on the various software license types we have available.

CMH Software's License Types

Single Seat License: Under the terms of a Single Seat License, the Software is licensed for use by one user on one device at a time. This license type may also be referred to as a “Local” License. The Single Seat License permits you to install the Software on more than one computer system, e.g., a desktop computer and a laptop computer normally used by the same person at different times, provided that there is no possibility that the Software will be used on more than one computer system simultaneously; any such simultaneous use requires a separate license for each computer system. This is a perpetual license.

Site License: A Site license allows the use of this program on any and all computers located at one physical site. A physical site is a single contiguous physical location controlled by a single organization. Some examples of sites are a college campus, a military base, a manufacturing plant or a union training center. Site license owners have the option to allow employees (up to five) of the licensed site to use one copy of the licensed software on a personal computer located off the licensed physical site. This option only applies to employees who regularly attend the physical site. This is a perpetual license.

Student Version License: Under the terms of a Student Version License, the Software may only be used by a student for educational purposes while actively studying at an educational institution and for no other purpose. The Student Version of the Software may have limited features. A Student Version License may not be shared or used at the same time on different devices. Student Version Licenses may not be used for commercial, professional, or for-profit purposes. Student Version licenses cannot be upgraded to new Single Seat versions. Student versions cannot be installed on school or training facility computers, only on a student’s personal computer. This is a perpetual license.

Student Subscription License: Under the terms of a Student Subscription License you may use one copy of the Software for the specified term of the Subscription License. The term of the Subscription License begins on a date you choose for the start of your subscription and continues for the term specified when you subscribe to the product. If the term is not specified when you subscribe to the product, then the term is 1 year. The Subscription License will terminate if the Licensee fails to comply with any term or condition in this Agreement. In case of termination, Licensee will not be entitled to a refund of amount paid for the license to use the Software, or any other amounts for any reason. Software with a Subscription License may contain a device that limits Software usage in accordance with the license. All the provisions in the Student Version License also apply to a Student Subscription License.

Trial License: A Trial License may be used only to review, demonstrate and evaluate the Software for a limited time period. The Trial Version of the Software may have limited features and may cease operating after a predetermined amount of time or number of uses based on a metering mechanism within the Trial License as determined solely by CMH Software.
You shall not install or use more than one copy of the Trial Version, download the Trial Version under more than one user name, alter the computer system to enable the use of the Trial Version for a period in excess of the trial period, use or distribute any END USER PRODUCT of the Trial Version for any commercial purpose, and use the Trial Version for a purpose other than the sole purpose of determining whether to purchase a license to a commercial or education version of the software; provided, however, notwithstanding the foregoing, you are strictly prohibited from installing or using the Trial Version for any commercial purpose. A Trial Version cannot be used in classrooms or for any type of training.

Campus License (School Use Only) A Campus license is a yearly license which allow schools to install on unlimited computers at one physical site (One campus) plus it allows students that are enrolled at that campus to install on their computers. It also allows schools to install the software on their servers and allow students enrolled at that campus to remotely access the software. The license allows remote access to our software but not the means to do so. Your IT department will need to verify the institution has the hardware/software for remote access (Remote Desktop, VDI, etc). A school with a Constructor 15 Site license may convert that license to a Campus license at no cost.


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