Constructor Site License FAQ's

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Constructor Site License FAQ's

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  • What is a site license?

    A site license allow you to install the software on unlimited computers at one physical location. An example would be one college campus or one manufacturing plant. We also allow instructors to install site license software on their home computer for their convenience.

  • Do your site licenses time out after a period of time?

    No, our site licenses are perpetual licenses that are everlasting and valid if the software is being used in accordance with the license-agreement requirements. A software maintenance agreement is also included with the purchase of all software licenses (1 yr) and can be extended by purchasing additional years to the software maintenance agreement. This entitles access to product upgrades, maintenance releases, patches and support. Our Constructor Site License software maintenance agreement includes the following services:

    Software Updates - Access to all latest product upgrades, maintenance releases, patches and documentation.
    Support Services - Support services by e-mail or telephone.
    Free software: PLC I/O library

  • What does a new Constructor Site license cost?

    Constructor Site License - $3000.00
    We have designed our Constructor Site licensing to be simple, upfront and equitable. Your initial purchase entitles you to perpetual use of the software, and includes 1 year of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, technical Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches – from the date of purchase. While renewing your software maintenance annually is optional, it is strongly encouraged in order to ensure continuous access to all of the benefits listed above.

  • What is site license maintenance?

    Software maintenance, included in your first year of use, gives you the following benefits:

    Security patches
    Critical bug fixes
    New features & enhancements
    Any New software releases
    Access to Support team for technical troubleshooting

    In order for your software maintenance to remain active year-round, you must purchase it annually.

  • How much is it to renew my Constructor Site license maintenance?

    Constructor Site license maintenance costs $995 per year.
    All site licenses include 1 year of software maintenance – access to new software releases/enhancements, technical Support team, critical bug fixes, and security patches. Beyond this initial period, we strongly encourage renewing your software maintenance every 12 months at our renewal pricing.

  • What happens if I want to upgrade to the latest major version but my software maintenance has lapsed or expired?

    If you do not renew your maintenance plan, our obligation to provide technical support services and updates of your Constructor software is terminated on your maintenance plan expiration date. The software will continue to function and we will provide non-priority email tech support.

    If your maintenance plan lapses (There is a 30 day grace period), then you are subject to a support reinstatement Fee of $250, in addition to the maintenance plan renewal costs.

    Renewals backfill to the original date of expiration. Meaning, if your maintenance plan expired 5 months ago, and you purchase 1-year maintenance plan renewal today, your maintenance plan will expire 7 months from today, not 12 months. If your maintenance plan expired 15 months ago, you must purchase a 2-year renewal today, and your maintenance plan will expire 9 months from today, not 24 months. So, it is best not to let your maintenance plan expire.

  • Will I be notified before my maintenance plan expires?

    Yes, if you registered with us and left a valid email we will send out three email notices:

    1. An email two months before expiration
    2. An email one month before expiration
    3. And a last email two weeks after expiration

  • Can the Constructor site license installer be run "silently"?

    Yes, Constructor version (13-16) Site Licenses can be installed silently.
    The usual procedure is to run something like this: msiexec /i "%~dp0SetupFiles\constructor.msi" /qb ALLUSERS="1"
    ***Make sure and use qb and not qn***

    The msi can be extracted from the exe with this procedure:
    Extract MSI:
    "/EXTRACTMSI:full path and filename"
    cmd extract msi sample
    c:\test\setup.exe /EXTRACTMSI:c:\test\test.msi


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