Updates and Patches

Download the latest updates and patches for your software.

Updates & Patches

Keep up to date with all the latest CMH software updates and patches

CMH Software is dedicated to delivering the very best products to its customers. As problems are reported to us, we make every effort to resolve them as quickly as possible. In some cases a problem may require a modification to the program, so we create updates and patches which can be downloaded and installed on your system.

If you are not sure which version of our software you currently have installed on your system, click on the Help/About menu in your program. If you are not using the very latest version of that program, we suggest that you download and install the most up to date version from the list below.

Note: We recommend using the Internet download wizard in the Constructor to download and install patches or updates. If you can't access the internet on the computer the Constructor is installed on, you can download a file here and install the update manually.

You do not need any incremental updates to install the latest update. So if you have Constructor 15.0 you will only need to download the latest Constructor 15 update to receive all the files and fixes that have been offered in all the updates we have posted. (i.e. Constructor 15.0.8 will contain all the fixes included in 15.0.1 and 15.0.7)

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ProductDescriptionSizeDownload File


Constructor 15.0
(15.0.8) Update

Fixes for Constructor 15 versions only. Last update was on 1/17/23.

4.2 MB


Constructor 14.0
(14.3.2) Update

Fixes for Constructor 14 versions only. Last update was on 1/17/19.

4.9 MB


Constructor 13.0
(13.4.3) Update

Fixes for Constructor 13 versions only. Last update was on 1/18/19.

28.1 MB


Constructor 12.0
(12.0.2) Update

Fixes for Constructor 12 versions only. Last update was on 2/13/15.

12.0 MB


Constructor 11.0
(11.0.3) Update

Fixes for Constructor 11 versions only. Last update was on 1/17/14. Includes all previous patches.

2.26 MB


Residential Wire Pro

Residential Wire Pro 4.0
(4.14) Update

Fixes for Residential Wire Pro 4.0 only. Last update was on 3/29/19.

2.6 Mb


Residential Wire Pro 3.0
(3.1.3) Update

Fixes for Residential Wire Pro 3.0 only. Last update was on 1/12/17.

4.1 Mb



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