Electrical and Motor Controls Series

The Electrical and Motor Controls (EMC) Series of 10 programs cover the most critical and fundamental skills that everyone in a manufacturing plant, production and maintenance department need to know. Each program covers in detail the subject matter and also provides a reference handbook, instructor's guide, answer key, master set of exams and a course completion certificate.

Electrical and Motor Controls Series

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The Electrical and Motor Controls (EMC) Series (Ten programs in all) cover the most critical and fundamental skills that everyone in a manufacturing plant, production and maintenance department need to know. Each program covers in detail the subject matter and provides also a reference handbook. The EMC series offers a dynamic combination of multimedia and human touch to provide the right training, in the right way, at the right time and place. This EMC Training Series provides along with the instructional lessons, assessment and testing, certificates, and the course handbooks empower technical workers and management in their efforts to rapidly train and maintain a skilled technical workforce.


The most comprehensive Electrical and Motor Controls Training Program in the market.

Program covers the most critical and fundamental skills that your maintenance department needs to know.
Ten programs:
702 Understanding 3-Phase Power and Plant Distribution

705 Electrical Switching, Timing & Control Devices

707 Instrumentation: Discrete & Sensory

711 Understanding Electrical Diagrams and Control Circuits

712 Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting Control Circuits

733 Introduction to Motor Control Operations and Protection

737 Sizing the Protection of Motors and Control Circuits

747 AC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting

749 DC Motor Controls and Troubleshooting

777 Understanding and Applying PLCs in Electrical Controls


What You Will Learn
This training to your company's Reliability, Maintenance Instrumentation, Electrical and Mechanical groups in the area of Electrical and Motor Controls (EMC) will sharply improve employee effectiveness resulting in more effective management of production assets and increased business competitiveness.

The primary objective of this reliability and maintenance training implementation is twofold:

To reinforce and maintain technical knowledge concepts practiced by the Reliability and Maintenance Operations Department during normal operating procedures, and to increase and maintain safety and mitigate risk of electrical equipment to employees working in and around control equipment.

To help you build and maintain your team of skilled technicians, we provide in this Series 10 training programs in the five most important maintenance areas of Power Distribution, Sensors and Components, Ladder Diagrams, Motor Controls, and PLC Technology.

This program follows and enforces all National Electric Code (NEC) guidelines for installation and safety, and help complement and support the employee training requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1090.332 as well as ISO 9000 Section 4.18 regulations.


Program Contents
Ten DVDs

Includes 10 comprehensive Video Handbook and Guide with Review Questions and Answers.

Includes 10 Certificate of Completion. Electronic version allows for customization of certificate for student.

Additional Handbooks are available for purchase


Keep your people where you need them the most—on the job

Everyone receives the same level of training

Take the program home and watch them

No more wasted downtime—watch a program, review the material, and be back to work in less than two hours

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