Programmable Controllers Training Series

The manufacturer of this PLC training series combined their knowledge of programmable controllers, multimedia technology, and training techniques to create the most thorough PLC training program on the market - it's perfect for your entire staff.

Programmable Controllers Training Series

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There are 10 programs that form the Programmable Controllers (PLC) Training Series. This training package is a comprehensive PLC program applicable to all PLCs without requiring any prior PLC knowledge. With PLC applications abundant in manufacturing facilities, this PLC program is a must for your facility or training center. The program starts off with the basics, thoroughly explains the hardware section of the controller, moves on to both basic and advanced programming topics, and wraps up with proper system implementation. The PLC Training Series not only explains the ins and outs of programmable controllers, but also gives examples of real-life PLC applications.


Starts With The Basics
The first three programs provide a basic understanding of PLCs and shows typical applications.

Follows with a thorough explanation of the different number systems used in PLCs and shows how ASCII and BCD codes are stored in internal registers.

The third course covering the basics thoroughly explains the logic functions and shows how they are used to implement PLC output circuits and sequences.

All of the information is related to actual applications you are likely to see in your plant.


Comprehensive Hardware Understanding
The program follows with six programs which thoroughly explain the hardware section of the controller. Two programs describe the CPU, I/O scan, mapping, memory system and interaction, and sequencing.

Then the next two programs explain discrete (ON/OFF) inputs and outputs and the wiring and programming of these devices.

Then the Analog I/O system is covered in great detail, including signal understanding, data representation and handling, as well as I/O interfacing and connection. Throughout the modules, real-life control examples are presented to prepare you for proper application and troubleshooting.


Thorough Explanation of PLC Software Instructions, Their Applications and Control Programming
Four programs are dedicated to the explanation of all the aspects of PLC programming. From the use of basic relay instructions as well as ladder format, logic continuity, and scan order evaluation.

Then the program progresses into how to use and apply the many different types of timers and counters. In addition, instructions that apply to PLC program ? Flow control—GOTO, GOSUB, and MCR—are also explained.

The last two software instruction programs wrap up programming by covering advanced functions, such as how to handle I/O data, block transfers, Boolean Mnemonics, and much more. In order to learn how to program any PLC, the programming instructions throughout this section relate to real-life situations.


Wrapping it all up
The last program of the series puts all the concepts learned into action. Thoroughly explained are the instructions on how to implement a PLC-based system and provides guidelines to ensure a safe installation.

Real-life examples are used to illustrate both the implementation and programming steps so that you can relate to actual situations seen on the shop floor.

The complete series provides over 30 hours of instruction (Videos and Handbook) and would be equivalent to a 4 to 6 day training seminar.

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