Try it out early -- RWP 5 Pre-release Trial Version

The Residential Wire Pro makes the design, creation and printing of residential electrical floor plans fast and easy. It's fast and simple to add your electrical symbols over an existing PDF floor-plan. Includes Inventory and Take-Off reporting features. Requires Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11.

RWP 5 Pre-release Trial

Version 5 of our Residential Wire Pro program is coming soon!
Get a sneak peek of the new features/functionality by downloading our pre-release trial version.
Take-Off Reports * Backup Wizard * Greatly Improved Printing Editor * Improved Graphic Objects Library * Improved Smart Objects Library * Much more powerful Background PDF Editor with much better resolution * More Symbols

Pricing Information
Full version - $299 (Initial Release Price)
Upgrade from RWP4 customers - $149
Upgrade from recent (last 45 days) RWP4 customers - $50

Simple Help PDF's

PDF Background Help PDF Take-off Help PDF Printing Help PDF
We will have videos out shortly on the new/improved features in the Residential Wire Pro 5, but until then, here are some simple PDF's that should help with some of the new features.

Download Pre-release Trial Version

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We recommend for testing, not to use your RWP4 files unless the files are backed up.

9/11/23 - New trial released with the latest features. We expect to release the RWP 5 full version in the month of September 2023. This pre-release version has not completed testing and may have bugs, crash or otherwise malfunction. If you find any problems during testing please submit a bug report using the link next to the download link. All bugs reports are taken seriously. You can also make a feature suggestion for the next version if there is some improvement you would like to see. You can also email us at cmhtech@cmhsoftware.com if you have questions, problems, or you want to report a problem.


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